Humotion  technology can be applied anywhere on the body by using one or a combination of small, powerful sensors. We use best sensors on the market, while working at an extremely low cost point for sensor node manufacturing. All software is fully parameterized, allowing fast adaptation to new measurement, analysis and monitoring tasks. All raw data is captured and stored, allowing for immediate sensor-based or later server-based analysis.

Modules are developed in the form of add-ons or apps, allowing for flexible use of the platform for a variety of purposes.

Humotion Key differentiators:

  • Mobile sensor nodes with textile integration
  • Interface free usage by full encapsulation (wireless administration, data download and charging)
  • Embedded analysis
  • Local low power network with localization (combined with GSM and GPS/DGPS capability)
  • Central database for data storage, server side analysis and mining
  • User interfaces for professional users, end-users and administrators in cross-platform web-enabled applications (desktop, browser, smartphone)
  • Ex post analysis capabilities
  • Full vertical integration
  • Strong data security (encrypted data transfer, user access restrictions)