About Us

Humotion is a joint venture between Xybermind and Delaro (both German companies) founded in 2008. The name stands for Human and Motion.The purpose of the company is to develop monitoring technology for humans. Key applications include fitness monitoring in sports and medical condition monitoring.

Humotion develops textile-integrated high tech products which combine key technologies from different areas of research like artificial intelligence, expert systems, iWear, micro processor and sensor technology, biologic feedback and sport medicine. These products are developed and marketed to measure and analyze human motion and provide services on the results.

Humotion Key People

Johannes Rosenmöller, Münster, Dipl. geophysics, Global Executive MBA from IESE University of Navarra. 1991-2002 member of the ROSEN-Group, world market leader of pipeline inspection systems, Head of Data Evaluation, Head of Global Marketing. 2002-2007 executive management team SIS, Integration of SIS into Olympus Group. Since 2007 development of Delaro GmbH. Since 2008 Director of Humotion GmbH.