SmarTracks Diagnostics

Professional Training Support

While an athlete’s performance is always dependent on a range of technical, tactical and psychological variables, the ultimate success of a team or individual will always depend in large part on physical factors. Accurate performance assessments that measure an individual’s speed and power, however, have generally been restricted to universities or large sports clubs.

Humotion now offers an alternative: SmarTracks Diagnostics, an innovative, mobile system developed to precisely and professionally track the athletic ability of an individual or team.

SmarTracks Diagnostics consists of a light waist belt with textile-integrated electronics, which allows for maximum flexibility and use in any location. Three modules can be used individually or in combination in order to measure athletic performance: The Jump Module, the Tapping Module, and the Sprint Module.

The Jump Module allows trainers and athletes to ascertain jumping ability using a widely used method: the Standard Jump Test. In this test, the data from three types of jumps – the Squat Jump (SJ), Counter Movement Jump (CMJ) and Drop Jump (DJ) – are recorded and analyzed by Humotion software.

The Tapping Module records cyclic muscle speed, which is an important predictor of sprinting ability. In professional sports clubs the Tapping test is often carried out in order to evaluate an athlete’s leg strength.

The Sprint Module records exact measurements in the Linear Sprint. Times on various distances can indicate the relative strengths of various muscle systems.
Humotion has developed magnetic timing gates that are simple, flexible, virtually indestructible and that work seamlessly with the sensors used in SmarTracks Diagnostics. The timing gates can be arranged to perform standard sprint tests in any location with little to no setup or breakdown time. They do not contain sensitive electronics like traditional photoelectric sensors, which means that it is easy to perform tests outside or in less-than-ideal conditions. Another option to measure sprint times is SmarTracks Integrated.

SmarTracks Diagnostics offers trainers, clubs, research institutes and athletes an easy way to capture, organize and analyze measurement data.

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